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[CLEARANCE SALE] Old Logo Helloqween Period Panties

[CLEARANCE SALE] Old Logo Helloqween Period Panties

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Helloqween Period Panties give you the combination of being graceful and comfortable. Designed to cover up yet hint at your natural shape on the waist and hips, you're in for a different underwear experience.

Moderate to Heavy absorbency

Flow 50ml= 3 - 4 pads or one large menstrual cup

Best for:

- Worry-free backup for menstrual cups, tampons, or disc

- Can be used on your period, discharges, light bladder leak

- To replace menstrual cups, tampons or discs, pads, and pantyliner

- Everyday protection


- Outer underwear composition: 90% Organic Cotton, 10% Elastane

- Leak Proof Technology: PUL Leakproof layer in the crotch

How It Works:

Our underwear uses state-of-the-art technology inside our four layers of fabric for ultimate comfort & protection.

1) Absorbs Moisture: a super-fine middle layer absorbs your flow all day, all night, whenever you wear 'em.

2) Moisture Wicking & Odor Neutralizing: nothing to smell here—this layer banishes odors for lasting freshness and keeps you dry.

3) Keeps Leaks At Bay: the inner layer helps protect you from unwanted leaks, letting you go about your business.

4) Outer Shell: our soft fabrics are chosen for comfort.

It comes in 2 colors: Black and Cameo Brown

Available size: S - 2XL

*Please refer to the size chart to get your comfy panties during your daily day!

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