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hello qween

Hello Qween Menstrual Cup

Hello Qween Menstrual Cup

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Menstrual cup
Hello qween cup is a reusable menstrual cup that collects fluid safely and securely inside the cup. Instead of using pads and tampons, you can just empty your cup, wash it and reuse it.

Made from high-quality medical-grade VI silicone. Our cute colours dye doesn’t contain heavy metals or phthalates and it is approved by FDA for medical and food use which means, it is totally safe to be inside of our body.

Hello Qween menstrual cup is just soft enough to move and flex with your body when swimming or playing sports, and just firm enough to easily pop open and seal for first-time cup users!

Choosing your size:

There are two sizes available and most women can wear any Hello Qween size. When in doubt, go with the flow amount (or take our quiz)!

Mini: Hello Qween Mini size is perfect for your lighter flow days and first-time users.
Grande: Hello Qween grande is perfect for those heavier flow days.

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