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Hello Qween Menstrual Disc

Hello Qween Menstrual Disc

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Say Hello to our new period game-changer: Hello Qween Menstrual Disc!

It comes with a ring to make it easier for removal (so you don’t have to fishing around for your menstrual disc)

Made from high quality medical-grade silicone, Hello Qween menstrual disc will provide hours of leak-proof protection and holds 40ml. The good news are, it is a ‘handy one size fits most’ and suits all cervix heights! Not to mention that if you are using IUD, it’s definitely not a problem for you.

Each Hello Qween menstrual disc comes with:

- Capacity: 40ml

- An organic cotton drawstring cotton bag

- High quality medical grade silicone cup steriliser

- One-to-one consultation with our Experts to guide you on how to use it comfortably

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