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hello qween

Hello Qween Steamer

Hello Qween Steamer

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Hello Qween Steamer 

Cleaning your menstrual cup has never been easier! Say goodbye to inconvenience and hello to Hello Qween steamer! Simply place your cup on the platform, close the lid and push the button. Wallaaa! Your cup will be clean within 3 minutes! 

  • Safee + more efficient than boiling 
  • Proven to kill 99.9% of germs in just 3 minutes 
  • Discreet + compact. Perfect for bathrooms and dorms 
  • Works for all brands


 - includes instructions and measuring cup

 - 3 inches wide X 6 inches tall 

- Malaysia power cord 

How it works:

Steam will disinfect and kill up to 99% of bacteria with at least three minutes of contact at a minimum temperature of 212° F. 

Generally speaking, water boils and turns to steam at 100°C (212°F). After water changes from a liquid to a gas, it can continue to heat up and become much hotter than water in liquid form. 

Clean your cup in just 3 easy steps! 

• Add a touch of water (5ml to be exact). 

• Place your menstrual cup stem-side up. 

• Press the button. In 3 minutes, your cup will be sanitized and ready to go! 

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